Issue 18 | 23 November 2021

Principal’s Briefing

Welcome to our final newsletter for 2021.

It was a pleasure to celebrate and honour our Year 12 students as they completed their final week and year of schooling.  My thanks go to our chaplains who arranged the Dedication Program, and the staff and students responsible for planning the Formal and the Guard of Honour through the school.

Our Year 10 and 11 students will have completed their studies for 2021 at the end of this week and we hope they enjoy their activity day on Friday before they finish for the year.

Please check our calendar and watch for communication about the various activities that have been planned for students in Prep to Year 9 for the final weeks of school.

Student Reports

Our teachers are busy with their final teaching responsibilities for the year as well as marking exams and finalising reports in readiness to place them on the Parent Portal in SEQTA for you.

Senior reports will be available later this week and Primary and Middle School Reports will be uploaded late next week.

Where there are specific concerns that you wish to discuss in relation to your child’s report, teaching staff will be available on Tuesday 7 December 2021 for parent teacher interviews. Please contact reception if you would like to make time for a brief conversation with your child’s teacher.

Administration Holiday Hours

Just a reminder that our Administration Office will close for the morning of Wednesday 8 December 2021 and then from 3.30 pm on Friday 10 December 2021. Administration staff will continue to attend to phone calls and emails until Friday 17 December 2021 when the office will close for the holiday break.  Our Administration office will re-open for business at 8.30 am on Tuesday 4 January 2022.


In so many ways we have been blessed that the impacts of COVID-19 have been quite minimal for us here in Queensland. Certainly, other parts of our great country have suffered much more than we have.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all members of our community in appreciation of the way we pulled together when we felt the impact over the course of this year. I also acknowledge those members of our community who have felt this in a greater way than most of us and pray the future is better and brighter for you.

I do not know what COVID-19 has in store for us in 2022 and beyond but I pray that the promise of catching up as families over the Christmas Holidays is realised and that we can all celebrate the blessings that we have.

To those leaving Northpine at the end of this year, thank you for being a part of our community and we wish you many blessings for the future. To those who will be returning in the new year we are excited to have you on board and look forward to what 2022 has to offer our great community.

I trust you will all have a safe and restful Holiday Season.

God Bless,

Mr Graham Baird – Principal

Year 12 Formal Arrivals Gallery

With all the glitz and glamour of a red carpet event, the Northpine Christian College graduating class of 2021 arrived for their Formal evening on Thursday 18 November 2021 at the Sandstone Point Hotel.

Arrivals Photography: Mr Colin Wilson – Teacher

Graduating Class of 2021


Year 12 Farewell Guard of Honour Tribute

So much colour as we farewelled the Graduating Class of 2021 with a whole school ‘Guard of Honour’ tribute.  Thank you to Mr Sandro Bastos for creating the video highlights.

Clicking the below image will take you to the video on the College YouTube channel.

Year 11 Biology Visits the University of Queensland

On Tuesday 9 November, our Year 11 Biology class, in preparation for their 1A2 student experiment visited the University of Queensland along with 10 other schools. The purpose of this visit being to gain a more in-depth understanding of the ecological processes of observing and quantifying nature.

The day began with our groups shown the manmade lake and the surrounding environment by students from the UQ Ecology department.  They explained how data is collected by applying different sampling and research methods.

After lunch break students were taken into Dr G’s lecture hall where he taught skills and methods of data analysis to help optimise our performance with our own experiments.

With his insightful explanations and his engaging sense of humour the year 11 biology class benefitted and enjoyed this experience and their time meeting Dr Gurion.

Written by Haley Bess – Year 11 Student



Career advice, career counselling and support after school closes

As the class of 2021 celebrates graduation and ATAR scores become known, students tend to review their preferences and pathways. There can be confusion around scores and new opportunities these present. Options Career Information offers one-on-one, in person or online session for parents and students to ensure you have all the facts when it comes to ATAR, QTAC and your career options and pathways after high school. You can email for more information and to book a session.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and restful New Year

This is the last careers bulletin for 2021 … and another mad year at that too! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers, students, parents and teachers for your ongoing support. We wish the graduating Year 12 students all the best for their futures and encourage them to go courageously, confidently and enthusiastically into their new world, embracing opportunities as they arise. You have developed resilience, creative problem solving and flexibility amongst other qualities, so your future is bright.

Five podcasts to broaden your views

One way to prepare for life outside of school is to learn about life outside of school. Study, cocurricular activities and family commitments can keep your diary very full. The following podcasts are from the Good Universities Guide website. You can also find other interesting podcasts on the Good Universities website but Options Career Information recommends that you take all podcast information on face value until you undertake more research or check the information from another reliable source. The podcasts listed are:

TED Radio Hour – This is a 60-minute program that focuses on a theme and incorporates soundbites and snippets from various TED Talks on the same subject.

Stuff You Should Know – In this podcast, you can learn about almost anything. It’s an explanatory podcast series that delves into a diverse variety of subjects such as exploring Bay of Pigs, public broadcasting, disco and McCarthyism.

Dr Karl on Triplej – Australia’s foremost commentator on all things scientific, Dr Karl comes up with the answers to some of your most obscure questions.

The Barefoot Investor – Presenter, Scott Pape, has been voted Australia’s most trusted finance expert. He produces 30-minute segments dedicated to helping millions of people save money and become fiscally independent.

Trace – If you know anything about podcasts, you’ve probably heard about Seriao, the investigative journalism series that follows the murder of a high school student in Baltamore in 1999. Trace puts an Australian spin on the same genre. It is an ABC produced look at the unsolved murder of Melbourne woman Maria James 37 Years ago.

Queensland Government Youth page

The Queensland Government has developed this webpage for young people. It provides links to a range of information and services, covering topics such as:

Be informed, stay safe and well … you make this a reality, not others

Apply to get your ATAR

QTAC calculates ATAR’s and you need to apply to have your ATAR calculated. Click here to register to have your ATAR calculated, to receive your ATAR and registration is free. You will need the following information:

  • Full name (exactly as shown on your QCAA learning account)
  • Date of birth
  • LUI number
  • Personal email address (do not use your school email!)

Please Note: If you are planning to apply to tertiary study in 2022, you will also need to complete a QTAC application.

Have you got questions about your QTAC application or ATAR

If you have questions about your QTAC application? At this time of the year you are probably finalising your options for after school. It is most important that you have all the correct information before finalising your QTAC application. If you have any questions you can talk to QTAC for the answers. Click here for contact details or find them on the back cover of the 2022 Year 12 Guide. Be informed and stay positive.

How does QTAC work out if you’ll get an offer?

QTAC uses eligibility and merit to decide if you can get into a course. Eligibility is determined by prerequisites and each institution’s admissions rules. Merit is based on your ATAR or selection rank. More details about this process can be found on the QTAC Admission Criteria webpage. You can go into your QTAC Application Services account to check your eligibility for the courses you have applied for. It is always wise to check your application thoroughly to be sure you haven’t missed an import aspect.

How to survive your first year of uni

Starting uni can be a challenge, especially for those who have just left school. On the upside, your uni years will be some of the best you’ll have and they’ll probably go very quickly. Click here to read The Good Universities Guide to the best tips to help you survive your first year including:

  • Get to know your campus
  • Use your free time wisely
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Keep to a budget
  • Take advantage of freebies
  • Stay healthy
  • Make an effort to befriend your classmates
  • Join clubs and attend campus events
  • Balance your studies, social life and work commitments
  • Use apps to stay on track

How will I know if I have an offer?

QTAC will send you an email (or an SMS). In most cases, you will have four days to respond so check your emails and SMS to avoid missing an offer (don’t forget to check in you Junk and Spam folders). If you don’t respond by the due date, your offer will lapse and your application will become inactive. If this happens, contact QTAC immediately.

Wanting to know more about Deferring your QTAC offer

Deferment lets you delay starting your course strait away. Usually, you can defer for up to a year, but some institutions let you defer for longer. Others do not allow deferment. In most cases, you can defer when you respond to your QTAC offer. If you respond to your offer with the deferment option, the institution will contacts you to advise what to do next. Click here to find out about each of the university and TAFE deferment policies/rules.

When will offers be made to Year 12 students?

Students applying for courses not requiring Year 12 results will start to receive their offers from Friday 19 November 2021 (your last day at school). Offers will also be made on 23 December 2021 (after the release of ATAR results) and 13 January 2022. Don’t panic if you don’t receive an offer in the 23 December round, as course offers will be made on all offer-round dates (as published in the 2022 Year 12 Guide P23). Check the Course Offer Dates page to find out when your institution will make offers.

Have you registered your Student Portal learning account?

The QCAA Student Portal has all your learning information in one place. You can check your personal details, access your learning account, get your final Year 12 subject results and more. Click here to access your account or to register for Student Portal. To register you will need your LUI number.

Student Connect hotline

Students with questions about their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) results can contact the QCAA Student Connect hotline on 1800 804 991 or email For answers to questions about tertiary selection ranks or adjustment factors, contact QTAC on 1300 467 822.



Greetings from the library,

Our Reading Rangers After School Book Clubs have been busy this month with sharing stories and Christmas craft. Group 3 – Year 1 members enjoyed a story read by our visiting storyteller, Mrs Teena and coloured our Nativity scene which is displayed behind Mrs Mamata’s desk. Years 2 – 3 members made beautiful Christmas cards to take home to family. Thank you to all children who participated in our various groups throughout the year. We will send out a letter at the commencement of Term 1 in readiness for 2022.

Reading Rangers

We have now drawn the winning entry for the $25 QBD Gift Card, for those who have read additional books outside Class Library Time. This term we received over 500 entries! The winner for Term 4 is Peilla from Year 3. Congratulations Peilla, we hope you have fun choosing some lovely books for your home library. Keep on reading!

We really appreciate good library manners and especially during Class Library Time. This term’s winning class have been great readers and shown exceptional behaviour when in the Library. Thank you Year 6C and Mrs Mennie. They will enjoy a Library Party with snacks and games on Thursday. Well done to the many students who have shown respect in this space and enjoyed borrowing throughout the year. You brighten our days.

Year 6C

A group of Year 4 students have been hosting craft for the various grades at Makerspace during lunch break. Students have had fun creating and crafting all sorts of things. Thank you girls for giving your time to assist your fellow students.

Lunchtime Craft

We now have three Library Monitors who assist with shelving, reading to the infants and tidying books. Noah, Reid and Aria dedicate time before school and during lunchtime to help out. We really appreciate their assistance and enthusiasm. Mrs Carseldine and I also appreciate the many other students who enjoy helping in this space.

Library Monitors

Scholastic Book Club Issue 8 orders must be submitted online by Wednesday 24 November 2021. An email has been sent to all our Primary parents and guardians with a link to the Scholastic Book Club.  You may browse the catalogue here and place your orders.

As school holidays are upon us, we encourage you to visit your local library. Moreton Bay Region libraries have various free activities you may book your child into, and the Summer Reading Club which offers prizes and incentives for books read during this time. For further information contact your local library.

It has been a wonderful year for our Library and every day brings joyous moments with our students. Thank you to all the wonderful students who enjoy the Library space, who come in to say hello, read and borrow books, participate in activities and craft, and who help out.

We are so blessed by your presence, and you are the reason we are here.  May God bless you and keep you safe and happy during the holiday season.

Mrs Mamata and Mrs Carseldine – Librarians

Premier’s Reading Challenge Results

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is an annual state-wide initiative for Queensland state and non- state schools and home-educated students from Prep to Year 9, as well as children (aged up to five years) enrolled in an early childhood centre.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge aims to improve literacy and encourage children to read for pleasure and learning. During the period from May to August this year, 926 schools and 357 centres took part in the 2021 Challenge, combining more than 168,000 Queensland children and students who read over 2.39 million books. What an outstanding achievement.

We have been blessed, yet again, by a grant from Moreton Bay Regional Council. This has enabled us to offer a variety of incentive throughout the Challenge, such as Reading Star ribbons and Champion Reader medals.

We would also like to offer a special word of thanks to Narelle from OSHC for making such beautiful and colourful balloon displays for us throughout the year, including for our Premier’s Reading Challenge presentation.

During parade last week, many of our students were presented with their Premier’s Reading Challenge Certificates of Achievement. Congratulations to those who participated and received various incentive prizes during the Challenge and, more recently, their certificates.

The winner of $100 for the class with 100% of the students completing the Challenge was Year 6C.  Congratulations!  It was very humbling to see that they used their prize money to purchase non-perishable goods for our Term 4 STORMForce initiative the ADRA Food Pantry.

The rest of our top five classes with students completing the Challenge all came from the Infant school.

Prep B – 55%; Prep C – 50%; 1C – 44%; 2C – 42%.

What a fantastic effort!

Our Champion Reader medals were presented to students who borrowed the most books

from Northpine Library throughout the year, and also completed at least one PRC School Reader Record form. They are as follows:

Belle (PrepC),   Julian (1C), Ripley (2C), Heidi (3B), Yun-Ah (4C), Runako (5C), Mahlon (6B), Audrey (7A),  Chrystelle (8B)  and Elena (9B)

Congratulations and well done to our Champion Readers for 2021.

We also distributed Reading Star ribbons to many of our students who read outstanding amounts during the Premier’s Reading Challenge, and/or borrowed lots of books from the Library throughout the year.

Let’s see if we can have bigger and better participation in 2022 with all students achieving their reading goals.

Thank you to the teachers and parents who really encourage the students to develop a love of reading.

Reading stimulates a child’s imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps develop a broader vocabulary, increases general knowledge and gives the student a better understanding of other cultures. These skills will assist them with educational and employment opportunities. Remember…Today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.

Prep  – Premier’s Reading Challenge

Year 1  – Premier’s Reading Challenge

Year 2  – Premier’s Reading Challenge

Year 3 – Premier’s Reading Challenge

Year 4  – Premier’s Reading Challenge

Year 5  – Premier’s Reading Challenge

Year 6  and Mrs Mennie – Premier’s Reading Challenge

Thank you Narelle – OSHClub

Donated items for STORMForce and the ADRA Food Pantry






The end of year Music Showcase was held in the Indoor Sports Centre in Week 6 and was the final music event for 2021. The Showcase featured our bands, string ensembles and choirs across both the Primary and Secondary campuses. On arrival, parents and friends were greeted with drinks on offer by our hospitality students and were able to view the wonderful art display by students across the entire college. The incredible performances in the Showcase were a testament to the hard-work and dedication of our students and music teachers in rehearsals and personal practice this year.  Congratulations to the students for an incredible night of music!  We will see you in 2022 for more wonderful music-making.

2022 Lesson Enrolment

Now is an excellent time to enroll in music lessons for 2022. Music tuition can benefit students in so many ways including academic, social, physical and emotional benefits. Northpine offers lessons across a variety of instruments and voice. Instrument hire is available for certain instruments.  You can enroll through the College website or contact the music department for more information.

AMEB Exam Success

Congratulations to music students Levi (7B) for achieving a B in his Grade 4 Comprehensive Piano exam, Millie (7A) for her B+ for Grade 2 Piano for Leisure exam, William (3B) for achieving an A result in his Preliminary Piano for Leisure exam and to Bronte (6A) for receiving Honours with Distinction (A+) for her Grade 1 examination on flute.  Well done students on your excellent music exam results.

Primary Merit Awards

Congratulations to our weekly Infant and Junior School Merit Award winners! We are so incredibly proud of all our students who continue to excel in so many areas. Here are the names and photos of our Merit Award recipients for Weeks 6 and 7.

Class Week 6 Week 7
Prep A Nova and Robert Joshua, Tamati and Archie
Prep B Brenton and Nova Jevon and Aiden
Prep C Estelle and Lucian Belle and Freya
1A Aria and Zara Isabella and Lars
1B Kate and Oliver
1C Rohan and Lilly Pavish and Harper
2A Noah and Jet Tinodaishe and Mia-Rose
2B Arya and Hannah
2C Charlotte and Anya Isaac and Esther
3A Sione and Madison No Parade for Junior School
3B Drishay and Elijah
3C Liam, Thomas and Annabeth
4A Ethan and Ari
4B Joshua and Noah
4C Oswald and Faith
5A Lochlan and Riley
5B Harry, Shayne and Annabeth
5C Saphina and Dominic
6A Olivia and Benjamin
6B Chester and Abigail
6C Ashleigh, Ewan and Mitchell
Music P – 2 Henry (1C) and Blake (1A),
Music 3 – 6 Lucy (5C),
Sports P – 2 Suemin (2A), Kaino (1B), Ryan (2C) and Zane’ (1A)
Sports 3 – 6 Aryan (6C) and Faith (4C)
Digital Tech P – 3 Emilee (1B),
Digital Tech 4 – 5 Riley (5A)
Tidy Room Awards
  Prep – Yr 2 Yrs 3 – 6
Week 6 Year 1A Year 5B
Week 7 Year 2A No Parade



Infant Merit Award Recipients Term 4 Week 6

Junior Merit Award Recipients Term 4 Week 6

Infant Merit Award Recipients Term 4 Week 7

Race Walking Champion!


Kiara in Year 5 came first in the State for Race Walking in Queensland Athletics State Championships U12 Women over 2km held on the 24 July 2021.

Kiara also came first in the 1100m Race Walk at the Little Athletics Spring Carnival in Bundaberg on 25 September 2021.  At the end of season presentations for Racewalk Queensland Kiara was presented with a medal and trophies from Dane Bird-smith the 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medalist and 2016 Rio Olympic bronze medalist.  Kiara received 1st for F Grade Women, 2nd for U12 Women Club Championship and 3rd for U12 Women Track Championship.

All the best to Kiara as she prepares for the Little Athletics Regionals early in 2022 and States in March 2022.

Mrs Lauren Fraser – Primary Sports Coordinator


Junior Swimming Carnival Results

Ready, set, GO! The junior swimming carnival went off with a splash on Wednesday, November 17th. Students from years 3-6 arrived on bused at the Redcliffe War Memorial Swimming Pool sporting house colours and ready to dive in. It was a wonderful day that saw many of our students dive in and swim their best to achieve house points for their team, and even a few new records! The end results were:

House Results:

1st – Fraser with 745 points

2nd – Stradbroke with 707 points

3rd – Moreton with 469

New Records:

Vaughn (3C) – Age 9 – 100m Freestyle 1:39.41 (Old record – 1:49.58)

Jarrod (4A) – Age 9 – 50m Freestyle 40.46 (Old record – 42.78)

Garish (5C) – Age 10 – 50m Breaststroke 50.55 (Old record – 53.47)

Saphina (5C) – Age 11

100m Freestyle 1:17.93 (Old record – 1:33.32)

50m Freestyle 36.43 (Old record – 36.68)

50m Backstroke 46.02 (Old record – 47.12)

50m Butterfly 44.99 (Old record – 36.46)

Rachel (6C) – Age 11

100m Freestyle 1:31.20 (Old record – 1:33.32)

50m Backstroke 46.58 (Old record – 47.12)

Age Champions & Runners Up:

8 Year Olds:

Girls Champion – Holly (3C)

Girls Runner up – Frankie (3C)

Boys Champions – Ratu (3B) & Frank (3C)

Boys Runner up – Nathan (3A)

9 Year Olds:

Girls Age Champions – Kyla (4B) & Lilly (3B)

Girls Runner up – Akira (4A)

Boys Champion – Vaughn (3C)

Boys Runner up – Thomas (3C)

10 Year Olds:

Girls Age Champion – Kiara (5A)

Girls Runner up – Allira (4B)

Boys Age Champion – Hudson (4A)

Boys Runner up – Brax (5A)

11 Year Olds:

Girls Age Champion – Saphina (5C)

Girls Runner up – Rachel (6C)

Boys Age Champion – Caleb (5C)

Boys Runner up – Archie (6A)

12 Year Olds:

Girls Age Champion – Annabelle (6C)

Girls Runner up – Madeline (6C)

Boys Age Champion – Mitchell (6C)

Boys Runner up – Ethan (6C)


Mrs Lauren Fraser – Primary Sports Coordinator

Colour Explosion Fun Run

The ‘Colour Explosion Fun Run’ is scheduled for Wednesday 1 December 2021 for our Prep – Year 9 students.

Students should come to school dressed in Mufti and an old pair of shoes. For best effect a plain white shirt will add to the colour spectacle. Students will run an obstacle course where they will be showered with coloured powder. The coloured powder is non-toxic,made from high-quality corn starch and permitted food colouring making it safe for skin and eyes.

The powder should wash out, however we recommend your child wears clothing that you don’t mind if the colour stains. All participating students will receive a pair of sunglasses and headband to wear during the event.

Please send your student with towel and old casual clothes, including shoes, for your child to change into after running the course.

The ‘Colour Explosion Fun Run’ is for students at the college only.

If you are available to assist on the day, we need help with:

  • General setup
  • Setting up the obstacle course
  • Squirting powder
  • Cleaning and packing up

If you can help, please email:

We would love to hear from you.

P & F Fundraising Committee.

Uniform Shop – Back to School Information


Uniform Fitting Appointments for back to school requirements are now open.   Please note that it is appointment only, walk-ins can not be accommodated.  Social distancing rules apply where possible.

Our preferred method of payment is EFTPOS.  Cash will be accepted, however this process will take longer as you will have to make payment at College reception and not at the uniform shop.


January 17th / 18th / 19th / 20th  /21st  – 8.30am – 4.00pm

Registration/meet and greet day is Monday 24 January 2022

8.30am – 4.00pm by appointment only 

Booking code: 8t3rk 

There are 3 places available for each time slot, so please book siblings together in the one time slot where possible.  Only one adult and one child are able to attend the appointment.

Employment Opportunity – Tuckshop Assistant 2022

Northpine Nibbles is seeking a motivated and experienced part time tuckshop assistant to fulfil the following food services duties:

  • Follow recipes for the bulk preparation and cooking of a variety of vegetarian foods, whilst adhering to food safety and healthy food guidelines
  • Assist with the Tuckshop online ordering system
  • Package and distribute online Tuckshop orders
  • Serve and engage with students, staff and visitors in a professional manner
  • Check and confirm receipt of supplies against invoices and delivery dockets
  • Assist with the maintenance of stock
  • Follow the cleaning and maintenance schedule to an excellent standard
  • Undertake other kitchen duties as requested

A love of preparing and cooking food as well as a demonstrated ability to work independently and as a positive team player are essential.

Hours of employment are Tuesday’s and Friday’s 8.30am to 3pm (school term time only), commencing Term 1 2022. Award rates apply. Applications close Monday 29 November 2021.

To apply please email your resume (including two current referees) and a cover letter to

Please note: Northpine reserves the right to fill this role at its discretion and/or to close applications early.