Year 11 Biology Visits the University of Queensland

On Tuesday 9 November, our Year 11 Biology class, in preparation for their 1A2 student experiment visited the University of Queensland along with 10 other schools. The purpose of this visit being to gain a more in-depth understanding of the ecological processes of observing and quantifying nature.

The day began with our groups shown the manmade lake and the surrounding environment by students from the UQ Ecology department.  They explained how data is collected by applying different sampling and research methods.

After lunch break students were taken into Dr G’s lecture hall where he taught skills and methods of data analysis to help optimise our performance with our own experiments.

With his insightful explanations and his engaging sense of humour the year 11 biology class benefitted and enjoyed this experience and their time meeting Dr Gurion.

Written by Haley Bess – Year 11 Student